Osteria del Mirasole was born in 1989 from an idea by Franco Cimini (chef and owner) to create a place with a rustic and ancient flavour, which resembled his kitchen.
So, when he was only twenty-two years old, taking inspiration by the Osteria existing a little further during the second war, he reproduced that setting in his own, enriching and personalising it over the years with paintings, tools and trinkets of the past.

To complete the warm and welcoming atmosphere, set in one of the two rooms, a stone fireplace where, with embers that smells of wood, he cooks meats having an unforgettable flavour with great skill.

The trait that distinguishes Franco's cuisine is that of the authenticity of the flavours in their simplicity. Indeed, he wants to communicate the importance of great raw materials which do not need large elaborations, but a simple exaltation.

In the last 20 years the perfect combination has arrived with Anna, his wife and dining room figure who, thanks to the family's closed-cycle farm, supplies the tavern with top quality raw materials.
The host Riccardo masterfully completes the harmony that only the tradition of research in every detail can give.

The result in the dish is that of an ancestral food, of great character and at the same time reassuring ... like a mother's hug.



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