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Antica Osteria Del Mirasole Menu


  • Culatello of Nero di Parma

    (Spigaroli) with croutons and butter

  • Mortadella

    Lo Santo selection knife-cut

  • Salami from Emilia and Giardiniera

    (local farms alternate with their excellences)

  • Beaten raw meat

    of the Italian Friesian breed

  • Croutons

    with chicken livers

  • Soft omelette

    with spring onion and balsamic vinegar 12 years

  • Baked golden onion

    stuffed with rabbit liver 

  • Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea

    with bread and butter

  • Vignarole snails

    with garden herbs

  • Calf marrow

    on the grill

  • Terrine of aubergines and tomatoes

    with squaquerone

First Courses

homage to Sant'Angelo Dairy (ours!)

  • Tortellini With Mirasole Cream obtained by separation ®

    Fatti in casa

  • Tortelli ricotta cheese

    and parmesan with melted butter

  • Tortellini in double chicken broth
  • Noodles with ancient courtyard meat sauce

    (meat sauce with chicken giblets)

  • Green lasagna with nettle

    courtyard meat sauce and cream obtained by separation

  • Baked cannelloni

    with the cheese factory's ricotta and mortadella

  • Egg narrow tagliatelle

     with culatello and asparagus

  • Mezzi rigatoni

    with cheese and pepper

  • Spaghetti with three tomatoes

    and basil

  • Grilled gramigna

    with cabbage and sausage

Second Courses

The low court and offal

  • Guinea fowl "with ashes"
  • Lamb offal and cheese and egg
  • Brain and fried zucchini
  • Sauteed veal kidney


  • Veal rib

    in Bolognese cutlet (x 2 ps)

  • Veal meatballs and mortadella

    with new peas

  • Pigeon casserole
  • Rooster pan

    with lemon and laurel

  • Eggplant parmigiana

On the wood embers...

  • Florentine steak

    of old cow (long maturation) - Min 0,500 al Kg

  • Royal neck

    of old cow

  • Old cow ribs

    roasted on the grill

  • Pork fracosta

    with its rind (x 2 Ps)

  • Suckling veal knuckle
  • Sausage

    of our production

  • Pork livers

    in the net with bay leaf 

  • Rack of pork ribs
  • Lamb on the coals
  • Leg of sheep on a spit
  • Borsotti squid on the embers

Menu The great Classics of Mirasole (min 2 people)

EURO 85.00 each

Baked golden onion stuffed with rabbit livers

Tortellini with Mirasole cream

Tagliatelle with courtyard ragù

Real old cow neck

Veal meatballs and mortadella with new peas

Potatoes in lard

Chicory garlic oil

Reduced caramel milk

Menu The great Classics of Mirasole (min 2 people)

EURO 95,00 each

Mortadella Riserva with a knife

Culatello with fire-roasted bread and butter

Tortellini with Mirasole cream

Veal rib in Bolognese cutlet

Mashed potatoes

Traditional balsamic vinegar cream ice cream

Cover charge: €4,00

In order to respect the closing times of the kitchen, please send the complete order at the time of ordering.

Dear Customer, we inform you that some products can be frozen at origin or frozen on site (by rapid blast chilling) in compliance with the procedures established in the Self-Control Manual pursuant to EC Reg. No. 852/04. The allergen declaration is also available for consultation.


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Mirasole Inn

The experience at Mirasole can pleasantly end with a stay after dinner in one of the two rooms on the upper floor, which can be accessed via a wonderful spiral staircase dating back to the 16th century.

Mirasole Experience

We want to pamper our customers with an all-round Mirasole experience, or rather, the entire supply chain! For this reason we have created a package, to enjoy or to give to people who are important to you.


Antica Osteria Del Mirasole:
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