Chef Franco Cimini proposes:


Culatello of Nero di Parma (Spigaroli) with croutons and butter - Euro 35,00
Mortadella Lo Santo selection knife-cut - Euro 14,00
Salami from Emilia and Giardiniera (local farms alternate with their excellences) - Euro 30,00
Terrine of aubergines and tomatoes with olives, capers and squaquerone - Euro 19,00
Beaten raw meat of the Italian Friesian breed - Euro 18,00
Croutons with chicken livers - Euro 11,00
Baked golden onion stuffed with rabbit liver - Euro 15,00
Soft omelette with spring onion and balsamic vinegar 12 years - Euro 12,00
Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea with bread and butter - Euro 19,00
Vignarole snails with garden herbs - Euro 19,00
Calf marrow on the grill - Euro 19,00


First courses homage to Sant’Angelo Dairy (ours!)

Tortellini With Mirasole Cream obtained by separation ® - Euro 23,00
Tortelli ricotta cheese and parmesan with melted butter - Euro 16,00
Tortellini in double chicken broth - Euro 21,00
Noodles with ancient courtyard meat sauce (meat sauce with chicken giblets) - Euro 22,00
Green lasagna with nettle, courtyard meat sauce and cream obtained by separation - Euro 22,00
Baked cannelloni with the cheese factory's ricotta and mortadella - Euro 20,00
Straw and hay with white veal ragout - Euro 20,00
Mezzi rigatoni with cheese and pepper - Euro 15,00
Spaghetti with three tomatoes and basil - Euro 15,00
Combed egg macaroni with gambuccio and peas - Euro 18,00

Dishes: the low court and offal

Guinea fowl "with ashes" - Euro 25,00
Sautéed veal kidney - Euro 20,00
Lamb offal and cheese and egg - Euro 25,00
Brain and fried zucchini - >Euro 30,00
Pan of chicken livers and hearts - Euro 18,00


Eggplant Parmesan - Euro 18,00
Veal rib in Bolognese cutlet (x 1ps) - Euro 50,00
Veal meatballs and mortadella with new peas - Euro 18,00

On Wood Embers….

Florentine steak of old cow (long maturation) - 1kg - Euro 100,00
Fatty beef steak al Kg - Euro 150,00
Royal neck of old cow - Euro 30,00
Pork fracosta with its rind - Euro 25,00
Suckling veal knuckle - Euro 32,00
Sausage of our production - Euro 16,00
Pork livers in the net with bay leaf - Euro 20,00
Lamb on the coals - Euro 32,00
Rack of pork ribs - Euro 20,00
Borsotti squid on the embers - Euro 25,00

Fresh tortellini and Mirasole ® surfacing cream available to take away !! Box from 500 gr - Euro 40,00 Box from 1Kg - Euro 75,00

The prices listed may vary according to the cost of the ingredients used.

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