Chef Franco Cimini proposes:


Culatello of Nero di Parma (Spigaroli) with croutons and butter
Mortadella Lo Santo selection knife-cut
Salami from Emilia and Giardiniera (local farms alternate with their excellences)
Beaten raw meat of the Italian Friesian breed
Croutons with chicken livers
Baked golden onion stuffed with rabbit liver
Soft omelette with spring onion and balsamic vinegar 12 years
Anchovies from the Cantabrian sea with bread and butter
Vignarole snails with garden herbs 
Violet artichoke and Parmesan salad
Raw beaten meat and white truffle


First courses homage to Sant’Angelo Dairy (ours!)

Tortellini With Mirasole Cream obtained by separation ®
Tortelli ricotta cheese and parmesan with melted butter
Tortellini in double chicken broth
Noodles with ancient courtyard meat sauce (meat sauce with chicken giblets)
Green lasagna with nettle, courtyard meat sauce and cream obtained by separation
Straw and hay with white veal sauce
Mezzi rigatoni with cheese and pepper
Combed egg macaroni with gambuccio and peas
Strettine with egg and white truffle
Green egg strichetti with culatello and violet artichokes

Dishes: the low court and offal

Guinea fowl "with ashes"
Sautéed veal kidney
Lamb offal and cheese and egg
Mazzafegate (liver sausages and chilli pepper)
Brain and fried zucchini
Oven-roasted duck
Pan of chicken livers and hearts
Parmigiana grey tripe


Veal rib in Bolognese cutlet (x 1ps) 
Veal meatballs and mortadella with new peas 
Countryside pork cutlet with bone and lemon 
Artichoke flan and artichoke 

On Wood Embers….

Florentine steak of old cow (long maturation) - 1kg 
Florentine steak of old cow (long maturation) - min 500gr 
Royal neck of old cow
Pork fracosta with its rind
Suckling veal knuckle
Sausage of our production
Pork livers in the net with bay leaf
Lamb on the coals
Rack of pork ribs
Borsotti squid on the embers
Millefeuille of veal and white truffle
Fried eggs and white truffle

The prices listed may vary according to the cost of the ingredients used.

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